Geraldine Laiz was born in 1974 in New York City. She was a product of the industry. Being a daughter of an advertising executive in the height of the 80’s, she was always surrounded by media. Her dad even used her and her brother in a couple of commercials and product testing’s, as a child.

In her high school years Geraldine found her passion in fine arts. She had showcased her art work and sculptural pieces in galleries in New York City and in  Long Island. During her college experience she took to fine arts, theatre and fashion as her minor degrees, but made the switch to Retail Interior architecture.

After graduating with an Architectural Degree in New York, She started to climb the corporate ladder into Retail Interior design. Working for fortune 500 companies, such as Audimer Peugeot, Bank of America, Merrill Lynch, HSBC, Liz Claiborne Inc she built her reputation as a leading force in the retail architectural interior community.  She’s been given awards with her team designing Bank of America Times Square, NYC. Geraldine’s last architectural interior design master piece was Juicy Couture 5th avenue.

After leaving the architectural and interior design community, she was heading to a new challenge. She was approached to write for as a contributing events columnist and also by as their social diary columnist. Geraldine took on this challenge and found her voice in her writing. As her mentor Joseph Ungoco of told her” you need to channel your inner voice in what you write. Don’t just write to get the article done. It has to have some substance.”

Later into her career as an aspiring writer, she was asked to help backstage during fashion week. With no experience, Geraldine thrives at the challenge and succeeds. She found another career as a casting director and backstage manager for fashion shows. While backstage during shows she started to notice her love for fashion again. Visually seeing garments and stunning clothes she knew this is what was missing in her life.

Styling was the next step to another career goal. Her close friends are models and she would accompany them to their test shoot. One photographer she befriended, Austin Green put Geraldine to work on the set. He didn’t like people just sitting around at his photo sessions. He made her physically come up with ideas and looks for each shoot. Geraldine yet again succeeded to Austin’s amazement. Their friendship flourished and a styling partnership began.

Within couple months later she was introduced to more photographers, who later formed a business relationship with her to style test shoots and editorials.

You can find her work now in The Fashionisto, YVY Magazine, Bullet Magazine, Creem Magazine, Depesha Magazine , Client Magazine, Portafolio Magazine, Carbon Copy Magazine, Fiasco Magazine, Blink Magazine  .

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